Capturing the strong vision of Amity College


Amity College is a multi-campus, non-denominational independent school, that welcomes students from all backgrounds, and appreciates and celebrates the diversity they bring into their school community. Amity is all about creating bonds and nurturing positive relationships that will effectively inspire progress, explore the heights of human potential and achieve success.

What about cross platform socials throughout the year?

The Challenge

To re-capture outdated archival photo/video content that includes all aspects of the school subjects/environment to utlise for web/online/print/marketing needs.

The Solution

Our team set up shop for six days across 3 campuses with a talented crew consisting of Cinematographers, Photographers, Production Coordinators, Director, Assistants, and hair and makeup artists. Over the 2 weeks our team captured well over a 100 various scenes with both photo and video including a range of close ups, tighter profile type shots and aerial footage/imagery of all campuses to ensure we truly capture the strong vision and mission of Amity.

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Rethink your strategy:
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